Photo Credit: Rachael Osborn Photography (bottom left)

Flowers have a remarkable history when it comes to weddings. For centuries flowers have been the root of tradition across cultures and are many times a focal point throughout the big day and for many years to come in photographs. “More brides are thinking outside the box and beginning to use flowers in nontraditional ways” said Shaya Sherwood, the bridal specialist at Crystal Springs Florist in Benton Harbor. Needless to say, flowers are a prominent and significant detail and while floral arrangements are traditional, you can make tradition your own by branching out with some wedding floral alternatives.

-Do you have a groomswoman in your party, but don’t want them to have a boutonniere like the guys or a bouquet like the girls? Try a flower necklace or sash! This wedding floral alternative will set them apart, yet keep everyone tied together. A necklace can also be a cost effective option. Typically, floral necklaces will start around $20.

-Rather than having moms or special attendants wear corsages on their wrist or shoulder, mix it up and try a ring or even something on their shoes! These special guests will still get something personal, but without the bulk of a traditional style. A ring typically begins around $10 compared to a corsage at $18- $20.

-Give your girls a little something extra and try a floral comb or crown for a pop of color. Brides, this is a great addition to yourselves as well! A hair comb is a small pop with a small cost typically starting at $10.

-Are shoes optional? Consider a floral anklet for the ladies. Instead of taking away footwear completely this wedding floral alternative will keep a little something while still being comfortable. An anklet typically begins between $18-$20, comparable to a corsage.

No matter which tradition you are carrying on, put a little personal spin on it. The more you make your big day your own, the more special it will be to you and your families.


*All floral arrangement costs depend on the type of flowers used. Price can vary greatly between each bloom. Cost will also vary between florist shop.