Looking for a unique and affordable way to thank your bridesmaids for helping to make your wedding so special? Sometimes you’ve got a long list of maids and a small budget to spend on them. You still want to make them feel loved and appreciated for standing by your side for so long. This unique bridesmaid gift box has all sorts of goodies to spark some savvy creative juices as you select your own items for your bridesmaids’ gift boxes!



1. Potted Plant

Who doesn’t love a sweet little succulent to brighten their day? They are low maintenance and a delightful reminder of your wedding day that your bridesmaid will be able to have on display. – $2.99, Ikea  

2. Wine Tasting Gift Card

If you’re getting married here in midwest’s wine country, we highly suggest getting a 12 Corners gift card for your bridesmaids. Getting a gift card to one of your favorite spots in the town your getting married in is a great opportunity for your friends and family to explore the area on wedding weekend! – $10 is typically good for two tastings

3. Perfume

Find tester bottles of your favorite scents for your bridesmaids to wear on the big day and let them mix and match when they open them. These cuties are free but last a couple of weeks!

** Another fun tester perfume idea: Choose a new scent for you to wear on your wedding day, and don’t wear it again until your anniversaries. Research has shown the smell of something brings back strong memories and can elicit emotional responses from when you previously smelled them. 

4. Nail Polish or Lip Gloss

Find a fun color for your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day or choose different lip gloss options for them. What girl doesn’t love an extra shade to choose from? – $3-$15

5. Personalize it

Add each girl’s name to the box and a photo of the two of you. This is an easy (and free!) way to personalize your gift to each girl.

6. Add a Sweet Treat!

Get a big bag of yummy chocolates and disperse them in your bridesmaids’ boxes. You could take this one to the local level and find a chocolate shop in the town you’re getting married in and include a truffle or two. Check out Purely Michigan or South Bend Chocolate Cafe in St. Joseph if you’re getting married in our neck of the woods! – $1-$3


There you have it, a bridesmaid gift for under $20! We would love to hear some of your ideas for a bridesmaid box!


Happy planning, you creative cats!






Deciding whether to give favors to guests and then choosing what the favor should be is often one of those small-scale back-burner decisions that may not be thought about much until all of the big wedding planning decisions are out of the way. Although this is often the case, it’s important to remember that creative favors are one of the easiest ways to put a little personal twist on the gift your guests will take home. Regardless of what you choose to give, it should always be something that represents you, and your relationship or personality. The gift of giving we’ve seen has remained constant, coming in two forms, either a physical item to give guests or in place of a favor, the couple giving a donation to an organization or association that has a special impact on them. This post is all about sharing some of the top creative favors for guests! Check it out!


Do It Yourself

Simply put, if you create the favor yourself, it’ll be personal, guaranteed! Let the creative gears spin on this one! We’ve seen a bunch of unique, DIY creative favors – anywhere from coasters, bookmarks, caramels and some of my personal favorites homemade jam and soap.

DIY Favors

 { Homemade Strawberry Jam }  { Homemade Vanilla Lavender Soap Bars }


Where You’re From

Have your guest favors be a shout out to where you’re from! These unique favors could be anywhere from Mackinac Island fudge, salt water taffy, or one of my favorites (and guilty pleasure) individual Garrett’s Popcorn snacks. Regardless of where you’re from, there will be plenty of ways to give recognition to your roots while having something creative to surprise guests with.

Wedding Favors

 { Salt Water Taffy }  { Garrett’s Popcorn Individual Snack Packs }


Where You Tie The Knot

Since so many of our couples travel to St Joe to tie the knot and have a mini-destination wedding, giving guests a regional treat as a favor is an easy way to keep your theme going.  Michigan mitten shaped chocolates, caramel apples from the Chocolate Cafe, we’ve seen it all! Give guests something to talk about! There are tons of resources to finding the perfect creative favor! Try out either Michigan Gourmet Travels or Purely Michigan for more great Michigan inspired ideas!

Wedding Favors

 { Individually Wrapped Caramel Apple Favors }

Important takeaway:: make sure the creative favor you’ve selected to give guests reflects who the two of you are! Hope this post gets your ideas flowing!

Looking for more brainstorming ideas? Contact us!

Happy planning!

❀ Danielle